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Trish Johnstn by Gabor Jurina

Trish Johnston

Trish first fell in love with design at exactly 14 years old. As a birthday present she was gifted a mini makeover of her bedroom. The discovery of the power of wallpaper (her choice happened to have some pretty epic swans on it) and the magic of creating a space that was amazing to be in had her hooked. 


Fast forward to landing her dream job at Canadian House & Home Magazine in 2004.  With an epic thirst for all things design and an unending work drive – Trish climbed her way up in the company and ended up becoming the driving force behind five Princess Margaret Lottery Dream Houses – three of them as lead designer.  The full immersion of design and build in a short, often stressful time period was absolutely priceless in forming her own understanding and knowledge of every aspect of design and build. 


With a desire for design independence and to explore even more artistic endeavours Trish Johnston Design was realized in January 2012. ​Specializing in residential and commercial design her skills lead her to become a Design Expert on CBC’s Steven and Chris for four years, and co-designer on  HGTV’s “House of Bryan–in the Sticks” and "Island of Bryan" with Sarah Baeumler.  She also had the pleasure of being the lead designer on two seasons of HGTV’s Home to Win, Property Brothers Forever Home, Family Home Overhaul, and Save My Reno.

Whatever your design needs–whether a large custom build or a simple rediscovery of a bedroom or living space–Trish and her team will help guide you through the process and ensure that the end result is a thoughtful, curated, artistically designed space. 

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